Hockey Signage

The purchase of hockey specific signage is ideal for companies and / or products looking to generate visibility both in-arena as well as via regional / national TV broadcasts and highlight shows. It represents the most desirable and associative inventory for those companies looking to partner with the Nashville Predators. The majority of hockey specific signage is easily measured and provides excellent media value and efficiencies.

  • Team Bench / Penalty Box
  • Zamboni Tunnel Tarp
  • Team Bench Tunnel
  • Dasherboards
  • Digital Dasherboards
  • Bench Seat Signs
  • In-Ice Logos
  • Zamboni
  • Band Stage

Team Bench/Penalty Box

Great camera visible signage located on the Team Benches and Penalty Box

Zamboni Tunnel Tarp

The Zamboni Tunnel Tarp is a unique, hockey-only piece of signage located on top of the Zamboni tunnel and in front of the intermission band stage. The tarp is located immediately behind and above the north goal and mounted at glass level. The location of this signage provides television visibility on local, regional and nationally televised game broadcasts and highlight shows.

Predators Bench Tunnel

Logo / advertising message immediately above the Predators bench receiving significant local, regional and national television visibility on game broadcasts and highlight shows. Signage is located above the tunnels that connects the locker rooms to the team bench areas.

Design Recommendation:

  • Use big and bold lettering
  • Simple 3-color art is recommended
  • Dark backgrounds work best (no black)
  • Use bright and contrasting colors
  • Avoid stacking letters

Artwork: Mac–Illustrator, Photoshop or Camera-Ready Art

Please be sure to include typestyles and PMS colors, along with a color copy of the artwork.
Creative can be sent via: email or DVD

Visitors Locker Room Tunnel

Have your company name seen from the beginning of the game until the end. As the action on the ice intensifies your sign will be highly visible both in-arena and on TV. This is located directly behind and above the visiting team bench.


The definitive camera-visible presence in hockey. Dasherboards are always a part of the on-ice action.

Advertising logos or traditional trademark script may be any color, providing that dark colors may not exceed 30% of the total square footage of the sign.

  • Vector file format (Adobe Illustrator or EPS)
  • PMS colors included in the file
  • All fonts converted to outlines

Raster or Page Layout Artwork (with images)

  • 100 dpi resolution at final size (Tiff/EPS preferred)
  • High resolutions JPEGs and PDFs are accepted
  • If layout uses images and text, make sure all fonts are converted to outlines
  • Include PMS colors in the file, if applicable Vector Based Artwork
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or .eps
  • PMS colors included in the file
  • All fonts converted to outlines

All artwork must include a JPEG or PDF for reference

Digital Dasherboards

The digital dasherboard is a state of the arch piece of signage, visible to in-arena spectators, as well as TV visible. Your logo will alternate being displayed on screen for 2 minutes, each period.

Advertising logos or traditional trademark script may be any color, providing that dark colors may not exceed 30% of the total square footage of the sign.

  • All dasherboard signage creative, including advertising logos and/or traditional trademark script must be set against a white background for static and digital signage applications. Floating white is defined as color artwork or trademark script on a white background creating “floating white” signage.

Please create all artwork with the following background as your “white”: R252 G232 B188

  • All artwork images and corporate identifications should be as large as possible without the use of copy, text, taglines, etc.
  • Use bold strokes
  • Utilize as much space as possible
  • Incorporate corporate identification into a horizontal format
  • 64x288 RGB 72 DPI or greater

Bench Seat Signage

Located on the glass, between the Predators and visiting team benches, these seats are perfect for entertaining your #1 clients . The bench seats also provide incredible in-arena visibility while remaining in the line of sight of TV cameras.

In-Ice Logo

Your in-ice logo provides a front and center location on the ice with full in-arena and TV visibility. With four locations available in the neutral zone, your logo will experience maximum exposure during hockey events.


The Zamboni allows for five (5) advertising panels and appears a minimum of twenty-seven (27) minutes per game, once in the pre-game and during both intermissions. Sponsorship includes all Predators home games during the pre-season and regular season, as well as any Stanley Cup Playoff games.

Also includes:

  • Zamboni rides during intermission (maximum of 10 rides / season)